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Knolls Vista Elementary School
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Introducing – JUNO Frontrow

These amplification systems help our students hear clearly, no matter where our teachers are in the classroom. Our teachers have noticed a significant difference in classroom engagement, focus, and attentiveness with the aid of these systems. Here's what some of our educators are already saying: 
"I use it daily. The kids ask for it when I forget. They say they are able to hear much better when I use it. I've always thought I was loud enough, but turns out the students in the back or outer edges were having a hard time hearing clearly."
"I love it! I wear it all the time. Students are hearing better. It is easier for me to portray calm because I am not raising my voice."
"I am not having to repeat what I say because students listen better when I am using Juno. My voice is not tired at all by the end of the day."
"My students are able to hear me without having to raise my voice and can hear me from anywhere in the room."
"All students are hearing what I am say–They are even more attentive because I can whisper and they can hear it!